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New Braunfels, Texas

We are very pleased that you decided to visit us here on line. We have new members along with our veteran growers, judges and future judges to help us learn and appreciate orchids as the wonderful hobby it can be. We are a family of orchid lovers dedicated to its members, that means we have fun while fulfilling our goals in growing orchids. You are invited to join us in learning about orchids, how to grow and care for them, as well as preserving them in their natural habitat.

We meet the first Thursday of each month.  Our meeting place is the PAM Specialty Hospital (formerly the Warm Springs Hospital) at 1445 Hanz Drive, New Braunfels, Texas (near historic GRUENE) at 7:00 p.m.  Members provide refreshments. Be sure to visit our web site regularly so you will know of any additional news.  A newsletter is sent out via email to all members, if you would like to be on our email list please let us know that on our "Contact Us" page.

Guest speakers occasionally bring (unusual) orchids to sell.
We have quality orchids at our Raffle Table also -- be prepared to have some fun and build your collection.  

Everyone is encouraged to bring their orchids for Show & Tell
(it’s a mini-show every month).  There will also be a separate "First Aid" table for problem plants needing a diagnosis and some suggestions.

You may contact us at

Guests are always welcome!     
OFFICERS for 2020 & 2021:

President             Glendon Eppler
Vice President     Norma Moline
Secretary             Don Snyder
Treasurer             Eileen Sudela

 Last updated Oct. 23, 2020

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